FW: [Patch] Bugfix for pointer address space in atomic builtins

Anastasia Stulova anastasia.stulova at arm.com
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Subject: [Patch] Bugfix for pointer address space in atomic builtins


Address spaces are not handled in atomic buildins sematic checks. If there
are two pointers passed to the builtin, it requires them to be in the same
address space. That is unnecessary restriction.


This patch removed this restriction by copying the address space from the
passed pointers into checked type.


Currently, the following code:


_Atomic int __attribute__((address_space(256))) *A;

int *B;


... = __c11_atomic_compare_exchange_strong(A, B, 1, memory_order_seq_cst,


fails to compile with an assertion, because A and B are expected to be in
the same address space. This is not really necessary, as they are just two
pointers pointed to separate objects used in the atomic operation.


Looking forward to your feedback,

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