[PATCH] [libcxx] Allow use of ShTest in libc++ tests along with other changes.

Dan Albert danalbert at google.com
Wed Jan 21 14:55:11 PST 2015

With the docstring nit fixed, LGTM.

Comment at: test/libcxx/compiler.py:41
@@ -38,3 +40,3 @@
-    def _basicCmd(self, infiles, out, is_link=False):
+    def _basicCmd(self, source_files, out, is_link=False):
         cmd = []
Ah, lots of these. Thanks.

Comment at: utils/not/not.py:5
@@ +4,3 @@
+"""not.py is a utility for inverting the return code of commands.
+It acts similar to llvm/utils/not.
Module docstrings go at the very top, before imports.

Whole file looks much better now, btw. Thanks. I'd still like it if this wasn't necessary, so we should maybe look at adding `!` to the builtin shell at some point, but this is plenty fine for now.



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