SystemZ regression (was: r223825 - DebugInfo: Emit the correct location for initialization of a complex variable)

Ulrich Weigand Ulrich.Weigand at
Tue Jan 13 11:51:47 PST 2015

David Blaikie <dblaikie at> wrote on 13.01.2015 20:47:36:

> Thanks, sorry for the breakage.
> It looks like this is fixed by re-applying my patches to rework all
> this location stuff
> ) - which has a few other bugs I'm trying to figure out before
> Sorry for the breakage. We can go back further & revert more
> patches, or hopefully wait another day or two if I can ignore email
> long enough to fix the remaining issues with that work.

Thanks for looking into this!

I'm fine with waiting a couple of days; however, I understand LLVM 3.6
is going to branch tomorrow, and this regression seems serious enough
that it really ought to be fixed on the branch as well (one way or
the other) ...


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