[Patch][ObjC][Proposal] NSValue literals

jahanian fjahanian at apple.com
Thu Nov 20 11:14:38 PST 2014

While, the review process is ongoing, I looked at the patch. It is generally very good and closely follows the convention for
doing auto boxing of other types. I have few general comments to make.

- It is important to have a complete IRGen tests for all the supported boxed items.

- CGPoint, CGSize, CGRect are iOS APIs only. But I haven’t been able to find their APIs in
  the later version of iPhone SDKs. If they have been removed recently, then we should make sure to check
  the deployment target and issue proper diagnostics if need be. This is generally the case for all the APIs.
  If we are going to use auto boxing, then we need to make sure the APIs available in earlier (or later) versions
  of the SDKs.

- Have you though of supporting other item types? 
  NSEdgeInsets (CGEdgeInsets for iOS?) macosx 10.10,  iPhone 8.0 
  non-retaining Objective-C objects.
  Any C pointers

 One code comment: getNSValueFactoryMethod has two default arguments but do not have non-default value.
- Fariborz

> On Nov 16, 2014, at 10:15 AM, AlexDenisov <1101.debian at gmail.com> wrote:
> Patch extends boxing expressions to support NSValue.
> Some C structures might be boxed into a NSValue, e.g.: NSPoint, CGPoint, NSRect, etc.
> This patch extends boxing expressions to accept the structures, that could be used to construct NSValue object:
> NSPoint p;
> NSValue *point = @(p);
> CGRect r;
> NSValue rect = @(r);
> Full list of supported structures:
> NSPoint, NSSize, NSRect, CGPoint, CGSize, CGRect, NSRange.
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