[libcxxabi] r221460 - Add support for UNSUPPORTED tag to lit

Jonathan Roelofs jonathan at codesourcery.com
Thu Nov 6 08:34:38 PST 2014

On 11/6/14 9:23 AM, Eric Fiselier wrote:
>> Jokes aside, I'm surprised we didn't do this earlier... Further evidence
> that we need to codify what's in the lit.cfg's and push some of it into the
> lit library.
> I'm glad to hear there is support for this. I'll take a look at lifting
> some of this into LIT proper next week.

My thought is that most of the stuff common to libcxx/libcxxabi ought to be 
library functions in lit. I'm not sure how to make it nicely composable at this 
point, but then again I haven't looked into it much.


> /Eric

Jon Roelofs
jonathan at codesourcery.com
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