Patch: Add isAbstract to libclang

"Matthäus G. Chajdas" clang at
Wed Nov 5 12:36:09 PST 2014


first time patch submission here. The attached patch adds
clang_Type_isAbstractCXXClass, which forwards to
CXXRecordDecl::isAbstract. Reason is that figuring out whether a class
is abstract or not is very hard from the AST. I've also added the
appropriate Python binding.

If there is interest to cover other CXXRecordDecl methods (like
hasTrivialDefaultConstructor, etc.), I can also add them.

I'm also not sure about the nomenclature; I added this as
isAbstractCXXClass so it's easy to add the remaining CXXRecordDecl
accessors without name clashes; however, in the Python bindings, I used
is_abstract_class() without CXX (similar to how the CXXReference is
handled in the bindings.)


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