[PATCH] Support using sample profiles with partial debug info (driver)

Diego Novillo dnovillo at google.com
Tue Oct 21 12:26:18 PDT 2014

[ Apologies for the duplicate. I messed up the CC list on the initial
submission ]

Hi echristo, dblaikie,

When using a profile, we used to require the use -gmlt so that we could
get access to the line locations. This is used to match line numbers in
the input profile to the line numbers in the function's IR.

But this is actually not necessary. The driver can provide source
location tracking without the emission of debug information. In these
cases, the annotation 'llvm.dbg.cu' is missing from the IR, but the
actual line location annotations are still present.

This patch tells the driver to only emit source location tracking
when -fprofile-sample-use is present in the command line.


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