r220177 - [modules] Add support for #include_next.

JF Bastien jfb at chromium.org
Tue Oct 21 08:31:58 PDT 2014

> The compiler has documented sizes for fundamental types which can be
> used to define the types in this file. Eg)
> typedef signed char        int8_t;
> typedef short              int16_t;
> typedef int                int32_t;
> Nothing says we cannot provide this in similar fashion for our
> stdint.h; though, as I pointed out, that could make this file *very*
> ugly with a bunch of target-specific #ifs everywhere to ensure the
> proper definitions of *int*_t and friends. I can understand not
> wanting to do that (especially since the compiler already has this
> information internally).

The compiler guaranteeing something is different from that guarantee being
in the language. C and C++ standard libraries like newlib target multiple
compilers and can't rely on what LLVM guarantees, so they either have to
use configure and ask the compiler by compiling a program, or just straight
up ask the compiler when it provides nice macros.
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