[PATCH] Make a good guess about where MSVC and Windows SDK libraries are for linking.

Hans Wennborg hans at chromium.org
Mon Oct 20 14:57:16 PDT 2014


Comment at: lib/Driver/ToolChains.h:749
@@ -748,2 +748,3 @@
   bool getWindowsSDKDir(std::string &path, int &major, int &minor) const;
+  bool getWindowsSDKLibraryPath(std::string &path, bool x64) const;
   bool getVisualStudioDir(std::string &path) const;
I'd find it more natural to put the path parameter last, since it's an output.

Comment at: lib/Driver/WindowsToolChain.cpp:215
@@ -213,1 +214,3 @@
+// \brief Gets the library path required to link against the Windows SDK.
+bool Windows::getWindowsSDKLibraryPath(std::string &path, bool x64) const {
I think \brief only works for comments starting with ///, and one-line /// comments are treated as brief automatically. And if we want to use doxygen comments for these functions, they should probably go in the header file.

(Phabricator is formatting my slashes. Where it says /, I mean three slashes)

Comment at: lib/Driver/WindowsToolChain.cpp:226
@@ +225,3 @@
+  bool unknownSdkLayout = false;
+  if (sdkMajor <= 7) {
+    if (x64)
I have no idea if this is correct, but I guess it looks reasonable :)


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