[PATCH] [libcxx] Get categories.time localization tests passing on linux

Eric Fiselier eric at efcs.ca
Thu Aug 21 10:10:31 PDT 2014

I need to back out the changes to get_monthname.pass.cpp and get_monthname_wide.pass.cpp. It doesn't actually fix what I had hoped.

@mclow.lists I'll keep my eye on the standard, but for the most part I'm just checking that the output matches what is in `/usr/share/i18n/locales`.

Comment at: test/localization/locale.categories/category.time/locale.time.get.byname/get_one.pass.cpp:47
@@ -45,1 +46,3 @@
+    // this test non-portable
+#ifdef __APPLE__
Ed Maste wrote:
> Perhaps `!defined(__GLIBC__)` instead.  FreeBSD has no timezone with `%c` either.
Sounds good. The actual format of `%c` is still unspecified but I see the test is currently passing on FreeBSD10.


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