[PATCH] [Proposal] [Analyzer] Individual options for checkers

Aleksei Sidorin a.sidorin at samsung.com
Mon Aug 18 00:43:56 PDT 2014

Hello Ted,

This patch (its current version) implements a helper function to retrieve individual options for checkers. Currently the only way to set options for checkers is a registration of a special checker. I tried to implement a more convenient way to do this. For example,
checker->setCheckEnabled(Expr::SET_VolatileRead, getBooleanOption("EmitOnVolatileRead", true, checker));
instead of registration of a new checker (Malloc and CString checkers have even macros to do this). It is only a small convenience and doesn't break any existing functionality.
This should also work for groups of checkers. For example, `... -analyzer-config unix=some_option` may be specified to set behaviour for all checkers in `unix` group.


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