[PATCH] [Clang] Implement basic MinGW32 version-independent installation detection

Chris Kay chris at chris-kay.co.uk
Thu Aug 14 02:49:54 PDT 2014

Certainly a lot has changed since the multilib patches. Reimplementing a MinGW toolchain may well involve a fair amount of refactoring.

>>! In D4177#11, @rafael wrote:
> What is the status on this? It would be really nice to drop the hardcoded paths.

Sadly, I don't currently have the free time to work on this at the moment. The code that I posted so far needs to be reworked for current trunk but I don't reckon I know enough about LLVM's internals to properly update it either way as there were some fairly substantial changes.
If no progress has been made over the next few months I could perhaps speak to my manager about dedicating some of my time to it, but I've no idea how well that would go down.


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