[PATCH] Clang Rename Tool

Matthew Plant mplant at google.com
Thu Aug 7 10:47:59 PDT 2014

I'll get rid of the operator renaming code and take a look at unit tests.

Comment at: clang-rename/ClangRename.cpp:69-70
@@ +68,4 @@
+newFrontendActionFactory(ActionT *Action) {
+  // Renaming CreateASTConsumer to createASTConsumer doesn't work, so we have to
+  // create our own custom factory.
+  struct SimpleFactory : public tooling::FrontendActionFactory {
Manuel Klimek wrote:
> Can you explain what exactly didn't work? Perhaps give me the compile error? But it's no biggie - I can also get rid of this once it's checked in - the template error messages are sometimes hard to get through :)
It spat out a virtual method not implemented error. I've grepped through the code, and I couldn't find one interface with a virtual method createASTConsumer. Did you mean some method with a different name?


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