[PATCH] Fix AAPCS non-compliance caused by very large structs

Oliver Stannard oliver.stannard at arm.com
Fri Jun 27 06:23:40 PDT 2014

Simplify, with comment explaining why this can be done.

This patch also fixes the (textual) alignment of the NumRequired parameter in the definition of ARMABIInfo::markAllocatedGPRs, which is present in the patch I uploaded but not showing up in Phab. This may be because it is a whitespace-only change?



Index: lib/CodeGen/TargetInfo.cpp
--- lib/CodeGen/TargetInfo.cpp
+++ lib/CodeGen/TargetInfo.cpp
@@ -4054,7 +4054,7 @@
 /// which have been allocated. It is valid for AllocatedGPRs to go above 4,
 /// this represents arguments being stored on the stack.
 void ARMABIInfo::markAllocatedGPRs(unsigned Alignment,
-                                          unsigned NumRequired) const {
+                                   unsigned NumRequired) const {
   assert((Alignment == 1 || Alignment == 2) && "Alignment must be 4 or 8 bytes");
   if (Alignment == 2 && AllocatedGPRs & 0x1)
@@ -4197,8 +4197,11 @@
       getABIKind() == ARMABIInfo::AAPCS)
     ABIAlign = std::min(std::max(TyAlign, (uint64_t)4), (uint64_t)8);
   if (getContext().getTypeSizeInChars(Ty) > CharUnits::fromQuantity(64)) {
-    // Update Allocated GPRs
-    markAllocatedGPRs(1, 1);
+    // Update Allocated GPRs. Since this is only used when the size of the
+    // argument is greater than 64 bytes, this will always use up any available
+    // registers (of which there are 4). We also don't care about getting the
+    // alignment right, because general-purpose registers cannot be back-filled.
+    markAllocatedGPRs(1, 4);
     return ABIArgInfo::getIndirect(TyAlign, /*ByVal=*/true,
            /*Realign=*/TyAlign > ABIAlign);
Index: test/CodeGen/arm-aapcs-vfp.c
--- test/CodeGen/arm-aapcs-vfp.c
+++ test/CodeGen/arm-aapcs-vfp.c
@@ -139,3 +139,9 @@
 typedef struct { int x; long long y; } struct_int_long_long;
 // CHECK: define arm_aapcs_vfpcc void @test_vfp_stack_gpr_split_4(double %a, double %b, double %c, double %d, double %e, double %f, double %g, double %h, double %i, i32 %j, [3 x i32], { [2 x i64] } %k.coerce)
 void test_vfp_stack_gpr_split_4(double a, double b, double c, double d, double e, double f, double g, double h, double i, int j, struct_int_long_long k) {}
+// This very large struct (passed byval) uses up the GPRs, so no padding is needed
+typedef struct { int x[17]; } struct_seventeen_ints;
+typedef struct { int x[4]; } struct_four_ints;
+// CHECK: define arm_aapcs_vfpcc void @test_vfp_stack_gpr_split_5(%struct.struct_seventeen_ints* byval align 4 %a, double %b, double %c, double %d, double %e, double %f, double %g, double %h, double %i, double %j, { [4 x i32] } %k.coerce)
+void test_vfp_stack_gpr_split_5(struct_seventeen_ints a, double b, double c, double d, double e, double f, double g, double h, double i, double j, struct_four_ints k) {}
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