[PATCH] libcxxabi/unwind: Add support for ARM EHABI _Unwind_VRS_Set/Get/Pop methods.

Renato Golin renato.golin at linaro.org
Wed Jun 4 03:48:40 PDT 2014

On 4 June 2014 00:28, Albert Wong (王重傑) <ajwong at google.com> wrote:
> FYI, this is an incremental patch. The VFP support is still being fully
> validated but there will be a followup patch soon. If you'd prefer, we can
> push all of the VFP and core register bits at once. It'll be a bigish patch
> though.

If that means full implementation of all types at once, I think it'd
be better. The size is more boilerplate than actual logic, so it
should be simpler to review one big lump of new functions than
incremental differences thereafter.

Though, I thought we already had EHABI unwinding working... Is this in
addition to Logan's work?


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