Improving -Wunused-member-function

Nuno Lopes nunoplopes at
Sun Mar 23 15:14:22 PDT 2014


I would like to improve -Wunused-member-function to detect unused private 
methods, similarly to how -Wunused-private-fields works.
I think clang should be able to flag a method if 1) it is unused, 2) all the 
methods of the class are defined in the TU, and 3) any of the following 
conditions holds:
 - The method is private.
 - The method is protected and the class is final.
 - The method is public and the class is in an anonymous namespace.

I have a simple implementation in attach that can handle the first case 
(private methods) only.
I'm not very happy with it, though. In particular I would like to move the 
logic somewhere else, so that we can reuse it from Codegen. And right now 
I'm not caching things properly.  Any suggestions to where this code 
belongs?  Should it go directly to Decl? (but that would imply adding a few 
fields for cache purposes).

The second part of the plan is to mark all methods described previously 
(well, the used ones) with internal linkage. In my naive view it seems fine, 
but is this legal per the standard?  I think it can be an important 
optimization, since then LLVM can more freely inline and remove the symbols 

Any comments and suggestions are welcomed!


P.S.: I run the attached patch over the LLVM codebase and I already fixed a 
bunch of cases it detected (but left many still). So big code bases will 
certainly benefit from this analysis. Moreover, removing unused decls 
triggered more -Wunused-private-fields  warnings. 
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