r204164 - Creating a printing policy for "half":

Tom Stellard tom at stellard.net
Tue Mar 18 15:33:21 PDT 2014

On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 03:23:35PM -0700, Matt Arsenault wrote:
> On 03/18/2014 03:17 PM, Tom Stellard wrote:
> > This commit appears to have broken compilation of OpenCL programs that
> > include stddef.h.  To reproduce, compile the attached test case with:
> Why are OpenCL programs including stddef.h, or any other standard header?

Is this not allowed?  The simplified test case is just to demonstrate
the bug.  The problem is actually that libclc includes stddef.h in one
of its headers, and the libclc header is what is being used in the
OpenCL program.


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