Fix for ICE in clang due to infinite loop.

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Gentle Ping.

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  This is the similar way it has been fixed in gcc. They have kept a note of parent and they break the loop when it is again noticed. With the usage of global

  map there are no performance issues as such. Also please suggest the alternate way of fixing this issue.

I'm not an expert on overload resolution rules, so if you're certain we actually need a map to catch this case, that's fine, I guess.  (Richard, can you chime in?)

The rest of my feedback still applies.


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  Title : Re: Fix for ICE in clang due to infinite loop.

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    Attached is the fix for Compiler crash caused by infinite loop when we try to compile the following code.

    struct A;

    struct B
      B (A const &); 

      B (B &); 

    struct A
      A (B);

    f (B const& b)
      return b; 


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