[PATCH] add supporting of the sanitizer arguments into Clang on FreeBSD platform.

Viktor Kutuzov vkutuzov at accesssoftek.com
Mon Mar 17 01:52:38 PDT 2014

Comment at: lib/Driver/Tools.cpp:1776
@@ +1775,3 @@
+  const llvm::Triple &Triple = TC.getTriple();
+  llvm::sys::path::append(Res, "lib",
+                          Triple.getOS() == llvm::Triple::FreeBSD ?
Alexey Samsonov wrote:
> Please calculate os-specific dir in a separate variable. Also, why not just use "freebsd" constant for llvm::Triple::FreeBSD? Is it going to change?
The idea is that given there may be more exceptions for which ToolChain::getOS() doesn't return the right thing, using Triple::getOSTypeName() seems to be the common way to get the dir name for them.


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