[PATCH] Add a VFSFromYAML class and a parser to create it

Argyrios Kyrtzidis akyrtzi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 21 14:48:20 PST 2014


On Feb 21, 2014, at 2:22 PM, Ben Langmuir <blangmuir at apple.com> wrote:

>  Changes per review feedback.  Interesting changes are:
>  * new version field, and tests that check that it exists (and is currently 0)
>  * diagnostics are now counted in tests
>  * normalizePath is gone; . and .. entries will not work (but they didn't *really* work in my previous patch either.
>  * all keys are now stored in a map so that we can easily check for duplicates or ensure required keys are present.  This is likely slower and right now might even be more code, but is much easier to manage.
> Hi akyrtzi,
> http://llvm-reviews.chandlerc.com/D2835
>  http://llvm-reviews.chandlerc.com/D2835?vs=7220&id=7290#toc
> Files:
>  include/clang/Basic/VirtualFileSystem.h
>  lib/Basic/VirtualFileSystem.cpp
>  unittests/Basic/VirtualFileSystemTest.cpp
> <D2835.2.patch>

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