[PATCH] Do not assert when dereferencing member pointer using virtual inheritance with an incomplete class type

Reid Kleckner rnk at google.com
Thu Feb 20 13:40:46 PST 2014


  I guess it would be hard to avoid diagnosing this code if we did the check in Sema:
    struct __virtual_inheritance A;
    int foo(A *a, int A::*mp) {
        return a->*mp;
    struct B {};
    struct A : virtual B {
      int a;

  And it's a super special case since you have to use __virtual_inheritance, not __multiple_inheritance or some other.

Comment at: test/CodeGenCXX/microsoft-abi-member-pointers.cpp:565
@@ +564,3 @@
+int foo(A *a, int A::*mp) {
+    return a->*mp; // expected-error{{requires a complete class type}}
I'd test member function pointers too, just for completeness.


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