[PATCH] [OPENMP] Replace libgomp by libiomp5 in driver

Dmitri Gribenko gribozavr at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 02:52:18 PST 2014

On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 10:43 AM, Chandler Carruth <chandlerc at google.com> wrote:
> Note that we don't have a single build bot set up externally that tests
> libiomp5 AFAIK. In fact, the situation is much more dire than that:

I thought I just haven't been following the runtime library
development, but I just checked and it turns out that I am actually
subscribed to both mailing lists, and it is just that there is zero
activity.  If so, I am taking back the LGTM.

If there is a need in buildbots, I can provide hardware resources for
a relatively fast buildbot, but I don't have time to set up the
necessary zorg magic.


(j){printf("%d\n",i);}}} /*Dmitri Gribenko <gribozavr at gmail.com>*/

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