[PATCH] MC: provide the ability to disable assembly parsing

Renato Golin renato.golin at linaro.org
Thu Feb 20 01:15:43 PST 2014

  Hi Saleem,

  This would work, but my thought was something that would actually run the parser, and only if it failed AND we want to report errors, we abort.


    int Res = Parser->Run(...);

    if (Res && !ValidateInlineASMSyntax)

    else if (Res && !HasDiagHandler)

    emitInlineAsmEnd(STIOrig, STI.get())

  That, of course, assuming the Parser won't print anything unless the whole thing succeeds, which I'm not certain of.

  Also, I think this option should be false by default on -S output, and only changed if -Wno-bad-inline-asm or equivalent.



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