[PATCH] AArch64: look up BuiltinID before calling EmitAArch64ScalarBuiltinExpr

Ana Pazos apazos at codeaurora.org
Tue Feb 18 12:56:27 PST 2014

LGTM. Thanks,

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Subject: Re: [PATCH] AArch64: look up BuiltinID before calling EmitAArch64ScalarBuiltinExpr

Hi Ana,

Thanks for taking a look at the patch.

> Can you please explain again why a table is used for the scalar intrinsics and not the other intrinisics? The other intrinsics also have long case statements.

Basically because I had to start somewhere. The scalar intrinsics are the natural place because the switch statement is already phrased as "set a few parameters & break", we just have to delete it completely.

I definitely agree the idea is applicable to the SIMD case as well, and I've actually done quite a bit of work in that direction; but I wanted to make sure everyone else thought the approach was sound before pressing on. Incremental patches and all that.



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