[PATCH] Implements -mfpu=softvfp+variants on ARM driver

Renato Golin renato.golin at linaro.org
Tue Feb 18 03:56:19 PST 2014

On 18 February 2014 10:53, Bernie Ogden <bogden at arm.com> wrote:
> Nitpick: line 724 of Tools.cpp is blank.


> You're testing that we're setting the right target features for FP hardware,
> but I don't see tests that we're getting the right calling convention. Is
> that something that could reasonably be added, or am I just showing my
> ignorance here?

No, I completely forgot. Thanks! ;)

> Is float-abi an exclusively ARM thing?

I don't think so, though it probably more important in ARM than other archs.

> And do we care about cross-target CLI consistency?

We do, unfortunately. It's a lot easier to cross-compile using the
same build system.

> Basically LGTM, modulo the nitpick and the tests.



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