[PATCH] PR18327: -Wsystem-headers introduces build errors

Alp Toker alp at nuanti.com
Tue Jan 7 19:56:02 PST 2014

On 08/01/2014 01:48, Argyrios Kyrtzidis wrote:
> On Jan 6, 2014, at 1:47 PM, Richard Smith <richard at metafoo.co.uk 
> <mailto:richard at metafoo.co.uk>> wrote:
>> One view on this is simply: -Wsystem-headers means "don't give system 
>> headers special treatment when emitting diagnostics”.
> This is it exactly. “Treat all headers like normal headers"

We don't have a flag to treat all headers as normal headers at the 
moment. It'd be very simple to implement compared to -Wsystem-headers 
which somewhat intricate.


>> That would seem to make perfect sense to people developing system 
>> headers, and is our current behavior. What is the use case that leads 
>> to enabling -Wsystem-headers but not wanting that to lead to 
>> errors? PR18327 doesn't make that obvious.
> Not sure I’m following that report, if one doesn’t like that that 
> diagnostic is by default mapped to an error, maybe map it to a warning 
> on the command-line or discuss whether it should not be mapped to 
> error by default ?
> I don’t see a need to complicate what -Wsystem-headers does.

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