[PATCH] Enable C++11

David Fang fang at csl.cornell.edu
Mon Jan 6 13:55:26 PST 2014

>> It would be really nice to not require a bootstrap of gcc-4.8 for stage-1
>> clang, but FSF gcc-4.8 give me unresolved issues on powerpc-darwin8.  I'd
>> rather focus my limited time on in-tree issues in llvm/clang.  It's already
>> a small chore maintaining this long-lived branch.
>> Anyways, that's my $0.025.  Please consider this wish before landing that
>> first C++11-ized patch?
> Is there a particular reason you can't use the 3.4 release branch for this?
> That was the goal of waiting until now.


I've actually created a powerpc-darwin8-rel-3.4 branch that tracks 
'release_34', and tried to backport some of the fixes that missed the 3.4 
branch.  This branch isn't able to build stage-2 yet.  Trunk however, 
*can* build stage-2, but I haven't been able to identify the trunk commit 
that fixed PR 15901 and 15965, stage-2 blockers.  Even if we identify that 
patch and backport, Iain and I stil have several diagnostics and fixes in 
the works.  Depending on how far trunk has diverged from the 3.4 brach, we 
*may* be able to backport those fixes as well.  I will certainly make an 


David Fang

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