[PATCH] PR18327: -Wsystem-headers introduces build errors

Alp Toker alp at nuanti.com
Mon Jan 6 13:11:20 PST 2014

Some further late-breaking thoughts below..

On 06/01/2014 19:27, Richard Smith wrote:

> So -Wsystem-headers would allow warnings (but not errors) to be 
> produced in system headers

^ This mode doesn't sound useful or in line with user expectations: 
Anyone requesting to see warnings in system headers almost certainly 
also wants to see errors in headers, even if demoted to warnings, but 
certainly not to have them silently ignored without any diagnostic message.

> , and -Werror=system-headers would also allow errors to be produced in 
> system headers.

^ If -Werror=system-headers were ever to be supported it should make all 
warnings in system headers turn into errors, not just enable errors that 
are usually invisible. I don't think either is a particularly useful 
mode as long as we have basic -Werror -Wsystem-headers working correctly 
(change proposed in my previous mail).


the browser experts

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