[PATCH] ASTVector: Fix return value of various insert() methods

Will Dietz wdietz2 at illinois.edu
Mon Nov 4 14:32:31 PST 2013


It's easy to get clang to trigger this bug which results in an invalid
iterator to be returned (which the current code happens to ignore, but
that's just a lucky coincidence), as this regularly occurs during
execution of the lit tests.

On a related note, any suggestions on how to create a simple dummy
ASTContext for testing? As noted in
the commit that originally added ASTVectorTest.cpp (r186253) this
blocks the creation of even basic
functionality tests for this data structure.


On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 5:11 PM, Will Dietz <wdietz2 at illinois.edu> wrote:
> Error caught -fsanitize=pointer-overflow[1], curiously enough :).
> The pointer overflow occurred when insert() was invoked with From==To,
> which is done in quite a few places.  While std::vector::insert
> requires [From,To) to be valid, it looks like here From==To is
> intended to be supported[2], making the bug in the container not in
> its use.
> This patch fixes the overflow when From==To, as well as the return
> value in this variant as well as the "fill" variant, changing them to
> return an iterator pointing to the first of the inserted elements
> (like SmallVector does).
> See attached.
> ~Will
> [1] Patches coming soon.
> [2] See the implementation of append(), for example.

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