[patch] [libcxx] new/.cpp trivial warning fix.

G M gmisocpp at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 22:06:32 PDT 2013

> How about just say:
> #if !defined(_LIBCPP_MSVC)
>      throw(std::bad_alloc)
>  #endif
> and for MSVC just not have a throw spec?
>  -- Marshall

I didn't do that because I wasn't sure if throw specs got encoded somehow
or there were other issues. But if not, why can't we just delete them
completely for all platforms now. Why/do Apple platforms still need it then
and if they do why doesn't that apply to msvc?

Otherwise it makes sense to me what you are saying. To my mind going
forward at least it shouldn't need any throw spec to say it throws as
that's the default to my understanding.
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