[PATCH] Simplify handling of iboutletcollection and vec_type_hint attributes

Richard Smith richard at metafoo.co.uk
Thu Oct 24 15:14:06 PDT 2013


Currently, the iboutletcollection and vec_type_hint attributes are parsed
by contorting the normal list-of-expressions parsing logic. For
iboutletcollection, the "type" is parsed manually, by picking out an
identifier followed by an (optional) list of angle-bracketed identifiers,
and the latter is ignored. This is needlessly complex; the attached patch
modifies them to just parse a type as the attribute argument.

The custom handling also breaks parsing for other kinds of attributes which
*don't* take a type argument; for instance, in
"__attribute__((aligned(int)))" we parse and ignore the 'int', and in
"__attribute__((aligned(int(1))))" we reject a valid expression because we
get confused and think it's a type. This is not even bug-compatible with
g++, which does the right thing in these cases.

Other than fixing bugs, this makes one semantic change: when given a
protocol-qualified object type, IBOutletCollectionAttr now stores the full
type (including the protocol list) where it previously just stored the
interface. I've updated the only consumer of this information that I could
find (in libclang).

Please review!
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