patch: sanitizer summaries are redundant, don't emit them

Kostya Serebryany kcc at
Wed Oct 23 00:51:50 PDT 2013

> Okay, that works. But there's one other difference Richard brought up:
> ReportErrorSummary expects complete error text, while printing is assumed
> to be continually appending. UBSan manages to print out each piece of the
> error individually and never allocates any buffers.
> I could change UBSan's Printf calls to instead keep appending to an
> internal buffer and then feed the buffer to
> __sanitizer_report_error_summary when we're done. I just wanted to point
> out the difference in these APIs, in case you can think of a way we could
> do this without require a buffer somewhere.
asan/tsan/msan also prints most of it's stuff directly (although there is
in fact a buffer hidden inside Printf). It only uses an explicit buffer to
print the summary.
On a side note: why ubsan doesn't print the stack trace?
I can imagine cases where this will help diagnose a bug.

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