r193162 - Revert "This patch causes clang to reject alias attributes that point to undefined names. For example, with this patch we now reject"

Rafael EspĂ­ndola rafael.espindola at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 09:58:26 PDT 2013

>> So I don't think any of the Sema changes for PR17639 can help.
>> Isn't it rather a question of getting CodeGen to emit the GlobalDecls in the
>> right order?
> It could probably be made to work, but it seems better to just ask
> sema if something is defined or not, in which case the output order is
> not important (as long as it is in the end of the TU).
> BTW, I took the liberty of fetching the bits for pr17639 from your
> patch. I will email an updated version in a sec.

No, you are right, we have to output this in a clever order. Codegen
cannot ask sema since it has only the mangled name.

Oh well, I have at least added support for variables in your patch. A
WIP version is attached. I will go back to trying to figure out a way
to output the aliases in the correct order.

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