XCore target, getPreferredTypeAlign() *MUST* return preferred alignment.

Robert Lytton robert at xmos.com
Wed Oct 16 09:03:01 PDT 2013


I've moved the _Static_assert tests from test/Driver/xcore-opts.c into test/CodeGen/xcore-abi.c.
Is the patch good to go?


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Subject: XCore target, getPreferredTypeAlign() *MUST* return preferred alignment.


Here is a suggest patch to support the XCore target.

This is required as the the xcore llvm backend does not handle 8 byte alignment viz:
        %BadAlignment = alloca i64, align 8

(llvm will reject the above as an error)

The patch prevents the default behavior running:
    /// getPreferredTypeAlign - Return the "preferred" alignment of the specified
    /// type for the current target in bits.  This can be different than the ABI
    /// alignment in cases where it is beneficial for performance to overalign
    /// a data type.


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