[PATCH] clang-apply-replacements: Add code-formatting post processing step

Edwin Vane edwin.vane at intel.com
Fri Sep 27 13:07:40 PDT 2013

  Patch forthcoming that addresses the other concerns.

Comment at: clang-apply-replacements/tool/ClangApplyReplacementsMain.cpp:255
@@ +254,3 @@
+    if (!applyReplacements(I->getValue(), NewFileData, Diagnostics)) {
+      errs() << "Failed to apply replacements to " << I->getKey() << "\n";
+      continue;
Daniel Jasper wrote:
> This should be done via the 'Diagnostics' (and also inside applyReplacements).
There are many places where `errs()` is used instead of Diagnostics currently. There's a file-wide FIXME to address this at some point. Beyond the scope of this patch at least.


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