[PATCH] Adding a diagnostic for member templates inside a local class

YunZhong Gao gaoyunzhong at gmail.com
Fri Sep 20 18:55:49 PDT 2013

  GCC 4.6.3 gives the following diagnostic and rejects the program (the example as in
  $ g++ -std=c++0x -S -o - test.cc
  test.cc: In function ‘int test()’:
  test.cc:4:5: error: invalid declaration of member template in local class

  On the other hand, I noticed some recent work that seems to be adding support for member
  templates inside local classes. Is C++14 going to support this as an extension?

  For example,
  If this change goes in, many tests in
  will be invalidated.

  I will also need to revert r184903, which implements PCH support for member templates in local classes.

  RIchard and Faisal, what is your opinion/advice on this?


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