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G M gmisocpp at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 23:50:54 PDT 2013

Hi Everyone

Here's a patch for compiling chrono with MS's library.
It just stubs the steady and system clock::now functions, printing
a message saying they are not implemented and then aborts for now.

I don't throw any kind of not implemented exception because these functions
are NOEXCEPT and currently MS's compiler (which is the only compiler that
doesn't support noexcept yet won't print any message if an exception is
thrown it'll just crash or be random, so the simplest path for now is just
to abort.

I may implement a basic version of these functions later (anyone else is
welcome to do that in the mean time!) but the main value in this patch
right now is to allow libcxx to advance towards full compilation with
cl.exe (which it nearly does) so other things can be looked at..

This patch requires the earlier patch I submitted regarding #warning to be
applied before this will compile.

This patch, nor the warning patch is intended to effect any other system
other than Windows / MSVCRT.

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