buildbot failure in LLVM on clang-x86_64-linux-selfhost-rel

John Thompson john.thompson.jtsoftware at
Thu Sep 19 11:11:59 PDT 2013


I'm not sure what I need to do about this, or if I need to do something.
It seems to be a crash in modularize built with clang.  It seems to
indicate either a bug in modularize that doesn't manifest in a
non-clang-built version, or a code-gen problem in clang.  If I do need to
debug this, can someone point me to info on configuring for building the
self-host version.  I normally develop on Windows, but I can run VirtualBox
for Linux, though I don't have much experience there.

Any enlightenment would be appreciated. Thanks.


On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 7:01 PM, <llvm.buildmaster at> wrote:

> The Buildbot has detected a new failure on builder
> clang-x86_64-linux-selfhost-rel while building llvm.
> Full details are available at:
> Buildbot URL:
> Buildslave for this Build: osu8
> Build Reason: scheduler
> Build Source Stamp: [branch trunk] 190980
> Blamelist:
> adibiagio,adrian,atrick,chandlerc,chapuni,ctopper,djasper,echristo,efriedma,fjahanian,fpizlo,gkistanova,hans,jrose,jtsoftware,kcc,pgurd,rkotler,rlytton,rnk,rsmith
> BUILD FAILED: failed check-all check-all_1
> sincerely,
>  -The Buildbot

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