[PATCH] Assertion when incomplete array type is used as template param

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Wed Sep 18 23:48:04 PDT 2013

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Hi dblaikie, rsmith,


Following assertion occurs for the test code mentioned below. 

assert(!isIncompleteType() && "This doesn't make sense for incomplete types");

Test code :-
// { dg-options "-std=c++0x" }
template<class T>
T&& create();
template<class T, class... Args>
void test() {
  T t(create<Args>()...);	// { dg-error "incomplete" }
  (void) t;
int main() {

since int[] is incomplete type, it is not valid to call isConstantSizeType() on such types.

I have added a check to prevent checking constant size if type is incomplete array type, as incomplete types do not have known constant size.
let me know your review comments.




Index: CGDecl.cpp
--- CGDecl.cpp
+++ CGDecl.cpp
@@ -839,7 +839,7 @@
   llvm::Value *DeclPtr;
-  if (Ty->isConstantSizeType()) {
+  if (!Ty->isIncompleteArrayType() && Ty->isConstantSizeType()) {
     bool NRVO = getLangOpts().ElideConstructors &&
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