[PATCH] Added testing to test migration of files in a compilation database

Edwin Vane edwin.vane at intel.com
Wed Sep 18 10:03:27 PDT 2013

  Have you tried this test on Windows?

  These tests should be added:
  # `-p` is specified with no files and no `-include`.
  # `-p` is specified with *both* files and `-include`.
  # Until you fix the compilation database auto-detect bug, You should have another XFAIL test for when `-p` is not specified, >=1 source file is provided, and no `--`.

Comment at: test/clang-modernize/Compilations/compilations.cpp:1
@@ +1,2 @@
+// This is just a dummy run command to keep lit happy. Tests for this file are
+// in main.cpp
You can avoid this hack by putting compilations.cpp and compilatiosn_expected.cpp in a subdirectory called "Inputs". I believe files here are automatically skipped by LIT when looking for tests. While you're at it, put the .json file in there too.


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