[PATCH] Added callback support for OpenCL extension pragmas.

Mikael Lepistö mikael.lepisto at vincit.fi
Sun Sep 15 22:37:39 PDT 2013

Hi, ping

I sent this simple patch some time ago to list, but it got no responses. Is
there any estimates, when this might be reviewed or added to main repo?

Thanks, Mikael Lepistö

I also added missing [PATCH] tag to subject (I forgot to to put it to
original mail).

On Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 12:49 PM, Mikael Lepistö <mikael.lepisto at vincit.fi>wrote:

> Hi,
> We needed in our project (https://github.com/KhronosGroup/webcl-validator)
> to be able to define callbacks for handling OpenCL extension pragmas to
> catch easily which OpenCL extensions are enabled/disabled.
> I attached the patch file and test case for the functionality. Rami
> Ylimäki is actually author of the implementation I just wrote the test case
> and cleaned up the patch for upstreaming.
> I had to add clangParse and clangSema libraries to PPCallbacksTest
> compilation, because enabling OpenCL support for preprocessor required
> Parser instance. Parser instance actually reads LangOptions from
> preprocessor and registers correct pragma handlers to preprocessor.
> Any comments, improvements?
> Cheers, Mikael Lepistö
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