OpenCL address space and mangling

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Tue Sep 10 12:23:27 PDT 2013

Reup and updated version of the patch!

Thanks in advance.


On 09/06/2013 01:48 PM, Michele Scandale wrote:
> On 09/06/2013 12:54 PM, Mon Ping Wang wrote:
>> This patch looks fine to me.
> If this patch seems generally fine, I would appreciate if someone can commit it
> for me, because I haven't commit access.
> Thanks in advance.
> Best Regards,
> -Michele
>>   — Mon Ping
>> On Aug 27, 2013, at 4:12 PM, Michele Scandale <michele.scandale at> wrote:
>>> On 08/24/2013 04:02 PM, Michele Scandale wrote:
>>>> The pure solution would be the one proposed by Eli: I don't have any objection
>>>> to this solution.
>>>> The mangler now has a bug, so it must be fixed. The pure solution implicitly
>>>> breaks the binary compatibility. If we do not have problem with this (so we
>>>> consider a matter for the users to solve the problem, e.g. with a forced update
>>>> of libraries) the right patch is to have a target independent mangling for OpenCL.
>>>> Still we would have problems if we consider SPIR: in its specification there is
>>>> a fixed mangling scheme (that it's the one produced by the current mangler). In
>>>> this case we have two choice: we change the SPIR mangling or we allow targets to
>>>> override the target independent mangling for OpenCL with the one based on the
>>>> TargetAddrSpaceMap.
>>>> *Based on all this would see the mangling proposed by Eli the default except for
>>>> targets that explicitly requires a mangling scheme based on the target address
>>>> spaces map (e.g. the SPIR target).*
>>> In attachment a proposal to implement target independent mangling with the
>>> option for targets to force the use of target address space based mangling.
>>> Regards,
>>> -Michele
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