PR16752[PATCH]: 'mode' attribute for unusual targets doesn't work properly.

Stepan Dyatkovskiy stpworld at
Mon Sep 9 05:04:15 PDT 2013

Since I had split the patch and committed only ASTContext and TargetInfo 
getIntTypeByWidth and friends, there is the second patch, that fixes 
PR16752 itself.

Please, find it in attachment for review.

Eli Friedman wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 2:16 AM, Stepan Dyatkovskiy <stpworld at
> <mailto:stpworld at>> wrote:
>     Hi Eli,
>     Sorry for latency.
>     As you remember this patch should correct 'mode' attr
>     implementation. You proposed to use generic way of type detection
>     for each target: just scan for target types and select one with
>     suitable width.
>     Unfortunately I can't commit patch with generic implementation. I
>     got test failure for clang. And I expect more failures for another
>     targets. The reason is next.
>     The target could still keep mode unsupported even if it has type of
>     suitable width. I mean the next.
>     For example this string should cause error for i686 machines (128
>     bit float):
>     typedef          float f128ibm __attribute__ ((mode (TF)));
>     But in case of generic approach for all targets it would be passed.
>     In this case virtual functions allows to implement exceptions.
> The generic implementation is still essentially correct; the the issue
> is that getLongDoubleWidth() isn't actually the right value to check.
>   It returns "sizeof(long double) * 8", not the actual width of the
> underlying float format.  You should be able to work around this by
> checking getLongDoubleFormat() instead of getLongDoubleWidth().
>     In this case 'getIntTypeByWidth' may be a bit confusing name.
>     Instead it is supposed to return type for some particular mode, not
>     by width. Something like getInt/RealTypeForMode(width, sign).
>     Though, currently I kept the original name.
> If you want to change it, that's fine.
> -Eli

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