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G M gmisocpp at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 19:48:35 PDT 2013

@Reid, sorry about the tabs. Hopefully this version has rid them..
Yes from what I can tell they are all C era functions. VS was warning me
about the situation.

Infact, in the situation, even the unique_ptr is over the top. So I've
removed that too. I put this stuff in myself a while back.
The original code was much like it is now. I thought I was being clever
C++ifying it, but now I think I was just over complicating it. This gets
rid of the VS warnings now too.

@Marshall I couldn't see find two instances of my "automaticlaly" typo.just
the one?
But I've deleted the one I did find since I don't think I need it at all

I think the noexcept suggestion for the free delete was good. I'll remember
that if I reinstate it.

But won't the suggestion to remove the namespace reveal the type to the
linker in a way that might clash with other code if I don't also move the
type into the function too or take more steps like that? I didn't do that
because I didn't want to discourage some else from using it in the same

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