OpenCL address space and mangling

Michele Scandale michele.scandale at
Tue Aug 20 15:31:02 PDT 2013



> The idea of having something target independent seems considered bad in 
> the previous messages. IMO the usage of numbers can be unpleasant, 
> implementation dependent, but I haven't seen a standardized mangling for 
> OpenCL C.
> My point is that *every* target the mangler should produce different 
> names even if the address space translation map is the trivial one.
> How the address space information is propagated in the IR and the 
> mangling IMO are orthogonal problem: so the inconsistency you underline 
> conceptually cannot exist by definition.
> What I noticed is that the mangler now produces wrong names respect to 
> its purpose (X86 is only the test case).

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