[PATCH] Bug 14984 - Implement __attribute__((ms_abi))

Charles Davis cdavis5x at gmail.com
Mon Aug 19 14:15:03 PDT 2013

On Aug 19, 2013, at 2:06 PM, Reid Kleckner wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 7:27 PM, Charles Davis <cdavis5x at gmail.com> wrote:
> Actually, it's whatever the default calling convention is. Normally, that's __cdecl, unless you pass -mrtd; then it's __stdcall. It's still ignored on i386; it's just that gcc won't warn on it anymore (for some reason). I haven't been able to find anything in their Bugzilla about it. (This is at least true on 4.7, but I really don't feel like building 4.8 to find out if that's changed. It took all day just for the computer running Linux to build 4.7 so I could verify this for you. ;)
> The question is, since it has no effect on any platform except x86-64, should *we* warn about it? I think we should.
> I have a new patch, but I need to test it first. I'm also tired. I'll have it for you tomorrow morning (hopefully).
>  Any news on this front?
Yeah, but it's bad news.

I haven't yet been able to figure out how to make Clang think cdecl is compatible with whatever calling convention (ms_abi or sysv_abi) is the default without breaking a bunch of other stuff. I was waiting for your CC_Default patch to go in, because I was hoping that would make it easier.

Maybe it would just be easier for now to do what GCC does, and just declare that cdecl is compatible with both no matter which target we're targeting.

Since I've had no luck working on this, I've had this set aside for now. I'll attach what I've got for now, but (since you're still busy with the CC_Default patch) I don't imagine you'll have a lot of time to work on this. I'll see if I can make this work in the meantime.

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