Unify unix and windows versions of FileManager::UniqueDirContainer and FileManager::UniqueFileContainer

Sean Silva silvas at purdue.edu
Wed Jul 31 11:59:53 PDT 2013

-      ::Emit32(Out, (uint32_t) StatBuf->st_ino);
-      ::Emit32(Out, (uint32_t) StatBuf->st_dev);
-      ::Emit16(Out, (uint16_t) StatBuf->st_mode);
-      ::Emit64(Out, (uint64_t) StatBuf->st_mtime);
-      ::Emit64(Out, (uint64_t) StatBuf->st_size);
-      delete StatBuf;
+      ::Emit64(Out, Data->UniqueID.getFile());
+      ::Emit64(Out, Data->UniqueID.getDevice());
+      ::Emit64(Out, Data->ModTime);
+      ::Emit64(Out, Data->Size);
+      delete Data;

This seems like it changes the PTH file format. Is there some format
version number you need to bump somewhere? Or is this a "private" format?

-- Sean Silva
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