Still more Constexpr fun (n3469)

Howard Hinnant hhinnant at
Wed Jul 31 11:37:13 PDT 2013

On Jul 29, 2013, at 1:12 PM, Marshall Clow <mclow.lists at> wrote:

> Slouching towards C++14
> Adding constexpr to <chrono>
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> <n3469.patch>

Thanks Marshall!

I can't find anything to complain about.  Please commit.  Could I ask a favor?

Could you do a drive-by fix for:

    _LIBCPP_INLINE_VISIBILITY _LIBCPP_CONSTEXPR duration() {} // = default;

to implement the required = default if _LIBCPP_HAS_NO_DEFAULTED_FUNCTIONS  is not defined?

We have an example in <memory> for one way to do this:

template <class _Tp>
struct _LIBCPP_TYPE_VIS default_delete


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