[Patch] Merge diagnostic group tables to reduce data size and relocation entries

Craig Topper craig.topper at gmail.com
Wed Jul 31 09:30:18 PDT 2013


On Sun, Jul 21, 2013 at 9:07 PM, Craig Topper <craig.topper at gmail.com>wrote:

> This patch merges the individual tables for diagnostics in groups and the
> subgroups into single tables. The option table then store an index into
> these two tables instead of pointers. This reduces the size of the options
> table (since it doesn't need to store pointers) and the number of
> relocations needed.
> My build shows this reducing DiagnosticIDs.o by ~20.5K and removes about
> ~400 relocation entries from the same.
> --
> ~Craig

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