[PATCH] -include option and -exclude ignore arguments finishing with '/'

Edwin Vane edwin.vane at intel.com
Tue Jul 30 10:22:16 PDT 2013

Comment at: unittests/cpp11-migrate/IncludeExcludeTest.cpp:58
@@ +57,3 @@
+  llvm::error_code Err = IEManager.readListFromString(
+      /*include=*/  "a/.,b/b2/,c/c2/c3/../../c2/,b/b2/./b3/,/b/b2/.",
+      /*exclude=*/ "");
I think this test would be better if you changed c/c2/c3/../../c4/. This way you can ensure that files from c/c2 are **not** included in the tests below.

Also, your use of b/b2/./b3/ is covered by /b/b2/. Can you use a different directory structure between these two to make sure there is no overlap?


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